Only with exercise not lose weight, study reveals

PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Exercise is essential to lose weight, but alone is not enough to get an ideal state of health and weight,  reveals a recent study.

In the past 3 decades no country has succeeded  managed to reduce obesity levels and today more than 30% of the world population  are overweight or obese according to an analysis in 188 countries.

It can be considered as a true public health epidemic in all countries, developed or developing increasing rates of obesity and more than 2.1 million people worldwide suffer from obesity.

Obesity progresses as incomes rise in poor countries or developing and this problem affects people of all races, of all ages and all income levels, said Dr. Christopher Murray founder of Global Burden of Disease Study.

To address the problem of overweight or obese each individual suffering from this condition tested different ways to burn fat and reduce weight, from undergoing drastic and harmful diets to become fanatical practice exercises.

But we said, exercises alone are not enough to lose weight and regain an ideal state of health and weight.

Evidence is provided by the journal Current Biology that explains why our bodies adapt to very intense levels of physical activity but not necessarily burn calories in the additional amount we suppose or wish.

Pontzer, one of the researchers of the study, says that the relationship physical -effort and loss of calories, it discovered while working with residents of the Hadza tribe, a traditional population of northern Tanzania engaged in hunting and gathering food .

The scientists observed that the Hadza men walked long distances daily, They performed a lot of hard physical work and were incredibly active in their daily lives.

But it was a real surprise, that despite these high daily levels of intense activity, energy expenditure were similar to people with sedentary lifestyles of Europe and the United States. This finding suggested to Pontzer about the relationship between energy expenditure and physical activity.

To verify this study measured a week, the daily energy expenditure of 300 people and concluded that the most physically active people spend the same amount of calories that people who have a moderate physical activity.

Herman Pontzer of the City University of New York says, "exercise is very important for health" to keep the mind and body healthy, there is no doubt about it. The evidence in this regard abound and this study does nothing to change this important message.

But when it comes to losing weight, says Pontzer, it is also important to focus on diet, healthy eating and a way of orderly and positive life.

The team of scientists, led by Ponzer, now plan further studies to study how the body responds to various levels of activity. They will explore the reproductive system or the immune function to find the explanation, because the body adapts to higher physical demands without burn more extra calories.

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