Lose weight with Super foods that perhaps you don’t use

For PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

When it comes to lose weight, most nutritionists advise a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, plenty of water, exercise and minimal consumption of grains and fats, especially saturated calls. A key tip is to minimize or eliminate processed foods rich in sugar, especially fructose.

But fats are essential for health, and although experts recommend, for example, the consumption of low-fat dairy to lose weight and for overall health, whole milk can be healthy, as demonstrated by a study, nine years ago, among women who consumed whole milk and women who not only ate or drank low-fat dairy.
Cell membranes have their foundations in saturated fats and too many vital hormones for health.

This introduction was necessary because super foods that we will name it in this article, most are high in healthy saturated fats of vegetable or animal origin and are a source of concentrated energy.
When You eat fats the absorption becomes slower and hunger is delayed. It is known that fats help the absorption of minerals, fat soluble vitamins transport, such as vitamins D, K, E, A, and perform other functions.

And what are the super foods that maybe you do not use for weight loss?

Sunflower sprouts

Overall sprouts are an important nutritional source and contain almost 32 times more nutrients than ordinary seeds because they provide more essential fats, vitamins and minerals and more amino acids than a vegetable without germinating. In the germinated plant, when magnesium and calcium join to protein, this becomes more bioavailable and more useful for health. During germinated fatty, acids and vitamins increase dramatically.

In the first line of germinated is sunflower because due to its high content of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant promote cell regeneration.

Sunflower sprouts have a high alkalizing power and it is an excellent source of fiber that helps in the process of losing weight in a healthy way.


The avocado is high in healthy fat and a minimum fructose content so your profit is double to lose weight. The monounsaturated fat in avocados is easily transformed into energy and is very healthy for the heart because it increases the good cholesterol and helps reduce trigliseridos and bad cholesterol.

The avocado is ideal for diabetics because it regulates sugar levels in the blood and can help in the fight against insulin resistance.

Because of its high content of carotenoids and its numerous health benefits, including its valuable effect against obesity, the avocado can be considered a super food.

Broccoli and broccoli sprouts

Broccoli and better yet, the broccoli sprouts, has a valuable history to improve health. The scientific basis is wide and only one of its compounds called glucosinolates greatly improves renal function, gut health and blood pressure. It is useful for diabetics and it is claimed to be able to kill cancer cell.

Researchers at John Hopkins University say that 5 grams of broccoli sprouts are more potent than 150 grams of broccoli without germinating and may contain 100 times more enzymes without germinating plant.

Another great advantage of broccoli sprouts is its ability to detoxify the body and its high fiber content is a powerful aid in the process of losing weight.

In last study, a group consuming 30 grams of broccoli sprouts lost the same weight as a group that underwent drastic caloric restriction. In addition, the first group had better results with cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.

Wild Salmon from Chile or Alaska

Red salmon sea, not factory is another superstar food for its high content of essential omega 3 and antioxidants like astaxanthin and high quality protein.

The farm-raised salmon has almost half of essential omega 3 and its nutritional value is inferior.
We said at the beginning that healthy fats are the foundation of cell membranes and make the slower the digestion time is shortened
Source : merola.com

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