Lose Weight Eating Bananas ..?

PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Sometimes the simplest solutions are before our eyes and this seems to be the case in relation to the possibility of losing weight by eating bananas. Sumiko Watanabe Japanese expert in preventive medicine and her husband Hamachi  promote a morning banana diet to reduce weight.

"Musa paradisiaca" is the scientific name of banana, also known as platano, topocho. Because of its energy supply, bananas should be eaten in the morning or during the day but not at night, because during the rest period not to burn energy would increase the calories and naturally the weight.

In diets for weight loss, usually, the banana is a forbidden food, in the belief that its high content of carbohydrates and starches originate more weight. Indeed starches are complex carbohydrates that provide glucose for energy and can provide calories that create more weight.

But the fact is that bananas contain different carbohydrates called "resistant starch" is characterized by incompletely digested and rather ferments in the colon. Resistant starches produce less calories than other types of carbohydrates and some studies claim that resistant starches stimulate the breakdown of stored fat, even if the Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition says that further studies to confirm this premise are needed. Yes, it has been shown that the green bananas are one of the largest sources of "resistant starch" but the amount of resistant starch decreases as the mature banana. A small green banana contains about 9 grams of resistant starch and a ripe banana 2 to 5 grams.

Perhaps this explains a personal experience: When I eat bread enough bread carbohydrates immediately translate into fat in my belly. But I eat also regularly bananas, but when I leave the bread but still with bananas, I have not noticed that gain weight. I live in Trujillo, Peru, and here we have a variety of banana called "banana mill" which many experts believe is the best bananas in the world.

Additionally due to its high content of potassium bananas prevent fluid retention and help improve the inflammation and swelling of the body. On the other hand for being rich in choline and all types of vitamin B, banana prevents fat accumulation in the body to speed up the metabolic process.

You can also help satisfy hunger when you are tempted to eat junk food, avoid eating fat and unwanted calories.


Healthy banana properties

The banana has a number of healthy and beneficial for the body and health properties. For example:

  • Allows Treat anemia naturally
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • It works as an alkalizing as being a natural antacid
  • Help in intestinal problems
  • Excellent for athletes and children for fast energy supply
  • The Banana reduces muscle cramps
  • Help in problems of anxiety and regulates the nervous system
  • Useful when suffering from ulcers
  • Reduce High pressure
  • For Its folic acid content is useful to prevent nausea in pregnant
  • Reduces menstrual cramps
  • Due to its fiber and resistant starches help constipation problems.

Bananas Morning

There are several versions of the banana diet morning, but I write down one that seems to be the most effective:
– In The morning, in fasting eat one or two raw bananas, unfrozen and drink two glasses of something warm water. The less mature better.
Important: The excesses are harmful, if you eat bananas do so in moderation, banana contains potassium and too much potassium can be harmful.

NOTE: Luis Quiroz Ravines is a Peruvian journalist specializing in Natural Health, He  has created numerous natural products, including a recipe for losing weight naturally called "Weight Loss Recipe Peruvian"


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