Secrets of Exceptionally Healthy People

PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Who does not know someone who seems to be shielded to suffer illnesses and conditions; always optimistic, happy, healthy, energetic and away from colds, fevers or diseases that haunt us to most mortals.
Do they have a secret?

Their enviable health is only the result of a lifestyle that usually includes the continued practice of following healthy habits:

Enough sleep

Sleep is vital and physiologically indispensable to human life and to maintain a strong immune system function. A third of our life is spent sleeping, but for sleep to be useful it must be healthy and sufficient. 
Sleep generates melatonin which promotes a rejuvenating rest. Sleep in total darkness, away from computers, televisions, radios, cell phones and other devices will help achieve a period of sleep really valuable for health.

Sleep ensures balance between internal demands and needs of the outside world. Remember the human being can not live without sleep.

Nutritious diet

A vibrant health requires a nutritious and balanced diet without excesses. Each nutrient has a specific function in our body; for example vitamins and minerals regulate different chemical reactions and processes in the body. Proteins provide amino acids to build, repair and maintain tissues. Carbohydrates are a source of energy and provide calories; fats also provide energy and transport nutrients; water is essential to hydrate and carry nutrients to the last cell in the body and back eliminate toxins and free radicals, and also the fiber does the job.

The really healthy people always consume high quality foods, your diet must be varied to get the most nutrients, the maximum limit sugar intake, drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Positive attitude

The healthiest people are the most optimistic people. Researchers at the University of Kentucky found that people with a strong positive attitude had greater immunity to cell damage. When lowered optimism also lowered immunity.
To build a positive attitude, it is important choose healthy thinking, objective and constructive manner. Learn to think good and acceptable and visualize events. Our thoughts are very powerful influence, positively or negatively. Remember, a negative emotion is 90 times stronger than a positive emotion, stay away from negative ideas and people. The optimism is reflected in our inner life and acts positively on our external actions.

Focus on the good and think like successful people. Look lessons from failures and focus on solutions.
Start writing a gratitude journal to increase your optimism.

Get used to cool baths.

Man is a creature of habit and if you forget the warm water and gets used cold water,  the activity of your white blood cells increased significantly. And the white cells destroy viruses and bacteria invading increasing your defense system. People with better health and more resistant to disease often tend to use cold water to strengthen their immune system.

Stress is destructive

In a world of frenetic change and hectic activity it is almost impossible to avoid stress; but you can control it, and that's what healthy people do to enjoy an enviable health.  Usually they do meditation, yoga, massage to acupressure.

Dr. Mercola techniques can be very useful in controlling stress.
They consist of hitting gently with the fingertips of both hands:

  1. The top center of the head
  2. The forehead above the eyes
  3. The temples
  4. Both cheekbones
  5. Beneath the nose
  6. Up the jaw (below the lower lip)
  7. both sides of the chest
  8. both sides of the rib
  9. Hitting the basis of both hands (one hand against the other)

One or more times a day can run for a few minutes this routine anti stress.

Exercises fundamental

No need to be an athlete to enjoy good health, but regular and sustained practice of exercises is essential for a healthy life. Practice exercises every day or at least 3 times a week on a regular and sustained over time not only help your health, it will also slow aging. Walking, jogging, swimming, or other exercise will release endorphins and you will enjoy an enviable sense of wellbeing.

If you routinely follow these habits, you are sure to enjoy an enviable health.


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