Diet Rules for Better Health

Diet Rules for Better Health and Weight Loss Are Changing-Latest Trends

Diet Rules for Better Health Are Changing

PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Diet rules are changing and food yesterday banned are backing backed by scientific evidence of not being as harmful as was believed.

Nutrition experts frequently change the rules of diet and for example, it is advised to consume eggs, previously considered poisons for cholesterol. Fats are also recommended but healthy fats, which if blacklisted is the consumption of sugar.

Let's review some of the most notable trends that have some scientific support.

 Diet Rules for Better Health

Fresh Fruit vs. Fruit Juice

A fruit juice, even fresh fruit does not take advantage of the value of the fiber that slows down digestion and also contributes high doses of sugar in the form of fructose, worse if the juices are packaged with flavorings and preservatives.

A medium banana gives you about 14 grams of sugar in the form of fructose and eight ounces of apple juice without fiber gives you about 39 grams of sugar. It is not good to overload the liver which is the only organ that processes fruit. Eat whole fruit or pure juices in moderate amounts to avoid type 2 diabetes.

 Diet Rules for Better Health


The American Heart Association recommends a maximum of 36 grams of sugar per day for men and 24 grams for women. If a woman drinks a 12-ounce can of cola, she is consuming about 39 grams of sugar, about 150% more than the recommended daily allowance.

To feed our daily lives we need glucose, but not the sucrose found in added sugars. Insulin increases when we consume these added sugars because the body metabolizes them in the same way, whether

The most harmful sugars are corn syrup, agave nectar, cane sugar, honey among others. Dr. Stephen Devries, a preventive cardiologist and executive director of the Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology in Deerfield, Ill., Said the natural sugars with lots of fiber and a host of healthy nutrients and vitamins found in fruits and vegetables decrease the amount of sugar which is absorbed.

 Diet Rules for Better Health


According to the 2014 Dietary Guidelines of the United States "cholesterol is not considered a nutrient of concern for excessive consumption" and it has also been shown that egg yolk cholesterol does not raise bad cholesterol levels, in the proportions that are believed, so do not worry too much if you eat eggs at breakfast.

 Diet Rules for Better Health



It is indispensable fat for our body, but not any fat, vegetable fats such as corn oils, soybeans and safflower should be avoided. Instead, we should consume healthy fats from nuts, fatty fish, chia seeds, flax that are high in Omega 3 and with less Omega 6 content that can cause inflammation. Diets high in Omega 3 reduce the amount of insulin in the blood and encourage fat burning.


Diet Rules and Red Meats

A study published in Nature Medicine says that the harmful element of red meats or lamb meat is the L-carnitine that generates certain bacteria that originate the trimethylamine-N-oxide, an element that could accelerate the accumulation of plaques in the arteries and to promote arteriosclerosis.

On the other hand, the soy and corn diet that feeds most cows can lead to an increase of Omega 6 in the meat, which as said has inflammatory effects and other unwanted sequels.

 Diet Rules for Better Health


Diet Rules and Artificial Sweetener

Although the health effects of artificial sweeteners such as saccharin, sucralose, and aspartame have not been reliably determined, researchers suggest that they are used with caution because they could increase the damage they are trying to avoid.

Although artificial sweeteners do not contain sugar, bacteria fed with these products send the liver chemical signals to produce more sugar.

The Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel indicates that bacteria in our intestines fed by sweeteners could be altered in our gut, decreasing the body's ability to regulate blood sugar.

Registered dietitian Jessica Schultz of Chicago University of Medicine said that sweeteners could worsen the symptoms of some diseases, causing bloating, gas, diarrhea, etc. She suggested eating more stevia, a green leaf with zero calories and that really is very sweet.

 Diet Rules for Better Health


Processed vs. not processed

Chemically processed foods containing stabilizers, coloring, flavoring, preservatives and other components, and which appear to remain unaltered on shelves, some studies says may be responsible for some diseases, including diabetes, because their lack of fiber and added sugars may increase blood sugar levels.


Which Diets Actually Work?


Change the diet rules to lose weight fast

Consider these changes in your diet

 Diet Rules for Better Health


Drinking calories will make you fat quickly. Avoid them

You will not notice, but by drinking a can of regular soda, you will be consuming about 8 teaspoons of sugar and to lose the calories gained by drinking that soda, you will have to walk about twelve miles (19 km.). If you avoid drinking sodas like coke, it will help you lose weight more quickly.

 Diet Rules for Better Health


Slow food to digest, are ideal to start your meal

It is advisable to eat slowly to send to the brain the message "I am full". So starting your meal with food that takes a time to eat and digest, such as watery chews, heavy soups, crisps, salads, and vegetables, will make you feel satiated and less likely to consume excess food.

 Diet Rules for Better Health


As a diet rule, break your fast

Do not skip breakfast, like your breakfast to an hour of waking. If you fast for hours, your metabolic rate becomes slow. Studies show people who eat a good breakfast are less likely to overeat throughout the day.

Weight loss programs often include high protein foods such as egg whites, yogurt, or sprouts at breakfast.

Diet Rules for Better Health


Do not succumb to desserts

 Eat dessert between meals rather than eating it after the main dish. If you can not avoid the temptation of dessert, eat up to 3 small portions of dessert

 Diet Rules for Better Hea


Do not skip meals

Glucose and insulin levels are disturbed when skipping meals. And to compensate for the hunger will eat later in excess. The most prudent thing is to eat three meals a day.

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