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Blood Pressure May Decrease by Eating Cocoa, Rich in Magnesium, Reveals Study

PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Blood pressure could be controlled with chocolate

Is this study an excuse to eat more chocolate? There are foods rich in magnesium that according to the study, this mineral, can reduce high blood pressure and cocoa has led to magnesium levels.

Other foods high in magnesium that can benefit blood pressure are bananas and avocados.

Foods with high levels of magnesium

According to the United States Department of Agriculture


Almonds (268mg per 100g)

Nuts of Brazil (376mg per 100g)

Black chocolate (146 mg per 100 g)

Milk chocolate (63mg per 100g)

Spinach (79mg per 100g)

Lentils boiled (36mg per 100g)

Avocado (29 mg per 100 g)

The bananas (27mg per 100g)

Broccoli (21 mg per 100 g)

Dangers of uncontrolled blood pressure

The risks of high blood pressure can be very serious and can cause, among other ailments, the following:


Heart Attack or Stroke

Metabolic syndrome

Problems of concentration and memory

Weakness of blood vessels

And other ailments that can put health at risk


Uncontrolled high blood pressure can have several causes, including

The system of blood vessels

Affected nervous system

Kidney states with deficiencies.

Low hormone levels

Excess of salt or water in the body

And the causes can increase as the age increases

Risks of high blood pressure

The possibility of hypertension increases in the following cases, if

Is obese

You are very stressed or anxious

Is African American

Consume lots of salt

Smokes a lot

Drink too much

Suffer from diabetes

Have a family history of high blood pressure

Symptoms of very high blood pressure

In general, most people do not notice symptoms and are only detected when they visit the doctor.

Some of these symptoms include:

Nasal bleeding


Vomiting or nausea

Problems with vision

Blood pressure and what the study reveals

The World Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases published a study conducted by researchers at the University of Hertfordshire who analyzed 25 people with hypertension and 21 people with normal blood pressure.

The study also included a UK control group with data from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey.

Each group was monitored for its total magnesium intake and the results showed that people with less magnesium intake had high blood pressure than the general healthy population.

It was found that older groups had the lowest consumption of magnesium; But in

general all the people of the study showed an intake of magnesium inferior to that recommended, this independent of the age of the participants.

The recommended daily intake of magnesium in the UK is 300 mg for men and 270 for women, unlike the 400 mg daily recommended magnesium for men and 270 mg for women in the United States.

In conclusion, the study reveals that people with high blood pressure did not have enough magnesium. It is suggested that magnesium can regulate blood flow, decreasing hypertension

According to researchers, magnesium may decrease high blood pressure or hypertension, so they recommend consumption of rich foods magnesium in their daily diet and this can be decisive to prevent the disease and reduce the risk of cardiovascular accident or heart disease.

In the UK about 16 million suffer from high blood pressure and in the United States hypertension affects more than 75 million adults.

This news makes chocolate lovers happy because cocoa is rich in magnesium and eating dark chocolates could lower blood pressure. Other foods are also rich in magnesium, for example, eating 100 g of almonds covers the daily requirements of magnesium in the UK and eating 10 small bananas provides about 270 mg of magnesium.

Finally, the investigators warn that the intake of low levels of magnesium in the diet can end up with high blood pressure and that it is worrying that in general, individuals of all groups include in their diets recommended levels, insufficient magnesium


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