How to Stop Hair Loss with Home Masks

PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

How to stop hair loss with easy and cheap solutions

If you are losing hair you will be thinking how to stop hair loss without breaking your budget. In the search for that solution you will find numerous alternatives, from using home remedies to be applied daily as minoxidil or similar expensive drug with side effects, even resorting to hair transplant surgery which can cost several thousand dollars.

Hair loss is a problem that afflicts both men and women and in some cases produce intense emotional and social disturbances, especially among women.

Stop hair loss is not easy and whatever method you use may take weeks to see results.

To stop your hair fall today I present some easy, cheap and effective solutions.

Garlic mask to stop hair loss

Garlic? will tell you? Yes garlic, tested and proven that garlic helps stop hair fall and to promote its growth.

According to the expert Mike Adams, who has written thousands of articles on natural health, garlic is after the aloe vera the most powerful plant in the  nature and its healing properties are numerous and naturally it is also useful to stop hair loss and cause regrowth hair.

Dermatological researchers at the University of Mazandaran Iran published an article in 2007 in the Indian Journal of Dermatology where they revealed that topical application of gel garlic on areas affected by baldness led to regenerate new hair and strengthening of existing hair.

Garlic is composed of more than 200 elements being allicin and ajoena the main medicinal components of garlic. Allicin containing hydrogen sulphide that facilitates vascular cell distension which in theory would reduce blood pressure by improving circulation and oxygen transport in blood. It also contains volatile oils, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other substances bioflabonoids.

To explain how garlic helps stop hair loss, say that selenium and sulfur strengthen the structure of the hair shaft which means that not only strengthens existing hair but helps replenish lost hair.

Stop hair loss with Garlic mask

You can use garlic juice to prepare an ointment as a topical treatment; you can use garlic juice or garlic oil.

You can prepare an ointment garlic juice and honey.

Using a homemade garlic press to extract the juice of about 10 garlic cloves and mix the juice with an equal amount of honey. Mix well and apply this cream to the scalp and leave for about 20 minutes or more and then rinse with warm water preferable. To stop hair loss and strengthen you can apply three times a week. Do not use pure garlic juice because it can be irritating.

How to stop hair loss with onion cream

The onion belongs to the Allium family and contains sulfur in high amounts. The higher polyphenol content and contains a large amount of sulfides, including dialicos sulfides. Furthermore onion contains abundance methylsulfonylmethane is a highly absorbable form of sulfur.

The Dermatologist, Dr. Bhardwaj often recommends applying onion juice topically to reduce hair loss.

Prepare an ointment to stop hair loss by adding the same amount of onion juice and honey and apply directly to the scalp and wrap the whole head with a hot towel. Leave on for 30 -40 minutes and then rinse and apply shampoo as usual. Repeat three times a week.

You could also use onion juice adding a little olive oil or aloe vera similarly as in the previous case.

To strengthen the hair and promote growth use an egg mask

Eggs contain the best protein in the world and is full of vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, iodine, iron conducive that encourage rapid hair growth.

Mix an egg with a little olive oil and apply to the scalp, cover and let set for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water slightly.

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