Hair Loss in Women. A tragedy?

PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

If for a man hair loss is devastating, to a woman attached to patterns cult of beauty can be a tragedy. Only in the United States more than 30 million women suffer from hair loss and worldwide a significant percentage of women face at some point in their lives the dreaded hair loss.

At 40 years of age 40% of women lose hair visibly; 90% of this hair loss is genetic; due to stress some women lose up to 70% of their hair due to a condition called telogen effluvium; to reach menopause period, 40% of women warn thinning of their hair; with advancing age, usually after age 50, women face some senile alopecia, hair loss naturally.

Stress is one of the most common factors for hair loss in women; a divorce, a serious accident, start or stop birth control pills, holding drastic diets, scalp burns by the sun, birth of a child, etc., are events that affect the strength of women's hair. Other causes include surgery, lupus, cancer, hyperthyroidism, anemia, and certain medications. To soothe away stress the hair grows back but 1 in 4 women with a genetic predisposition their hair will not grow by itself.

Hair Loss In Women Control of anxiety and stress

The first step is to cultivate a positive, strong positive attitude; trying to reduce and eliminate negative emotions and thoughts and avoid at all costs suffer in silence. If stress is very intense look for specialized help or lean on counselors, friends or family members who understand your problem.

If your hair fall is temporary raise your confidence and self-esteem with the use of a suitable wig as her hair grows back. Stay often busy and if possible participate in activities involving other people and meet with people who identify with your hair loss.

To reduce stress, tension, anxiety or lack of sleep, you can use natural remedies such as valerian tea, chamomile tea, green tea, passionflower, etc. And practice sustained moderate exercise to raise your energy levels, confidence and self-esteem.

Treatments for Hair Loss in Women

To address or solve the problem of hair loss you can use various alternatives, from natural treatments to stop hair loss until transplant surgery, through the application of different drugs that can tell your doctor.

A good start is to use every 3 days a good anti hair loss shampoo as Nizoral that relieves inflammation and itching of the scalp.

Most drugs to combat hair loss are androgen compounds. Ask your doctor to prescribe one. The most common are:


  • Propecia
  • flutamide
  • oral Spironolactone
  • nafarelin
  • gonadotropin
  • Propecia
  • Rogaine among others.

If you control stress or eliminate other causes of hair loss and follow proper treatment, you can look back to a healthy and abundant hair.


NOTE: Luis Quiroz Ravines is a Peruvian journalist specializing in Natural Health, author of an effective treatment to stop hair loss naturally. Learn MORE at:

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    Thanks to Admin. I am a 32 years old man. Nearly 2 years back I am getting regular hair fall. One of my friend suggested me this link. Refer to him above home remedies are very effective to stop hair fall. I will try these remedies from tomorrow. Keep sharing such good articles.

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