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Rapid Weight Loss Can Have Serious Consequences For Your Health

Rapid Weight Loss Know the Consequences 

PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Rapid weight loss is the illusion of those who are martyred by being overweight and their consequences. Fashion diets and magic supplements that promise instant results saturate the market.

In their quest for weight loss, only in the United States users spend more than $ 33 billion every year buying products that allow them to lose weight. Are these products really reliable? What are the risks? This article tries to clarify these questions.

There are several categories for rapid weight loss:

Drastic calorie restriction

It has been proven that a very low-calorie diet results in a rapid loss of weight. In any case, this type of diet should be supervised by a doctor to avoid serious damage to health.

Diets at the expense of hunger

At least since the 1950s, these diets are practiced and as indicated by the subtitle, they consist of reducing to the maximum the food intake. The singer Beyoncé practiced this diet making popular the "master cleansing diet", consisting of drinking lemon juice, drinking water, and consuming cayenne pepper and maple syrup. At the same time, a process of detoxification of the organism is proposed applying enemas

Several devices and creams for rapid weight loss

While there is a market "hungry" for quick solutions to an overweight problem,

it seems to be no limit to promises to replace exercise and healthy diets.

Dietary supplements and pills for fast results

Numerous diet products advertise to accelerate weight loss. Many of these products claim to burn fat fast, increase metabolism and block absorption of nutrients.

Drastic calorie restriction and surgery are the most consistent methods for rapid weight loss. Other products such as pills or fad diets have not had sustained results over time.

For rapid weight loss, serious programs know that what really burns fat is exercises and drastic reduction of calories but only up to healthy levels and not a particular type of food or pills.

Dietary supplements are regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) but classify them as foods and not as medicines.

For this reason, it also does not regulate the claims of people dissatisfied with the results of these highly publicized dietary supplements for rapid weight loss. Manufacturers of these products do not have to previously demonstrate the effectiveness of their products or if they are safe and all are sold without a prescription.

Main risks of rapid weight loss

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases Institute, that a daily diet of fewer than 800 calories over a considerable time can cause heart problems. It claims that drastic restriction of food can lead to dips in glucose levels, dangerous dehydration and naturally malnutrition.

According to the Institute, one of the first risks of rapid weight loss is the appearance of gallstones, so it recommends moving away from "crash diets" and instead adopt diets to lose weight slowly and steadily.

Foods rich in fiber, eat healthy fats like olive and fish oils; reduce sugar and refined grains, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly, are some of the advice of the Institute.

The most serious risks for rapid weight loss include:


-Development of gallstones. It is estimated that between 12 and 25% of people subjected to fast weight loss for a long time have biliary problems.

– Electrolyte imbalance

– Malnutrition due to lack of adequate amount of protein.

There are also other side effects such as:





-Hair loss

-Loss of muscle


Danger – Extreme Weight Loss Is Not The Best Way To Lose Weigh



Many people are looking for fast weight loss to achieve a short-term goal and generally do so at their own risk. But remember that crash diets can help you quickly lose weight, but not in a healthy and sustainable way. Generally, the lost weight returns increased, making the problem worse.

And if you're on a drastic diet, make sure you consume at least 100 grams of protein daily and reinforce your weight loss program with a multivitamin and oranges, tomatoes, and bananas, rich in potassium. Drink water properly. And when possible monitor your diet with a doctor.

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