how to lose belly weight

How to lose belly weight -7 fast weight loss remedies

If you do not know how to lose belly weight, read on..

PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

How to lose belly weight quickly is one of the biggest problems facing most overweight people. Often the fat accumulates in the belly and not only produces discomfort but also, often illness.

If you have tried pills, diets, supplements and are not able to lose weight and less waist fat, try some of these remedies and join them judiciously with moderate but sustained exercises and naturally with a healthy diet.

Reduce or drastically eliminate carbohydrates, especially sugar, sweets, cakes, cookies, pasta, white bread, etc. Drink plenty of water, consume lots of vegetables and little sweet fruits and discover how to lose belly weight naturally and without extreme sacrifices.

If you do not know how to lose belly weight naturally the following 7 remedies will help you because they will speed up your metabolism and you will burn more calories.


how to lose belly weight

1 ..How to lose belly weight with lemon and honey

Honey and lemon can be very useful to help you shed the excess weight.

Lemon boosts immunity, improves digestion and detoxifies your body. Lemon contains pectin, a water soluble fiber that produces a feeling of fullness and induces you to lose weight. Coupled with honey, they work as a powerful dietary beverage that helps you burn fat.


• 1 tablespoon honey

• 1/2 Lemon

• 1 glass of warm water


To a glass of hot water add the lemon juice and honey. After shaking, drink on an empty stomach. Repeat the treatment for a week.


how to lose belly weight


2 ..How to lose belly weight with cumin drink

Cumin is a super antioxidant that allows the decomposition of large foods into tiny molecules easier to use by the body.

Cumin is an important source of fiber that helps control blood sugar. It is an excellent source of iron that helps combat fatigue and anemia and causes a sensation of fullness and increases body heat which helps to lose weight.


• 1/2 Lemon

• 2 tablespoons cumin

• 1 and ½ water


During the night soak the cumin seeds in water. In the morning boil the water with cumin for a few minutes, strain and let cool and at this point add the lemon juice.

For two weeks consume in the morning, this cumin drink, with an empty stomach.

how to lose belly weight


3 ..How to lose belly weight with Aloe Vera

You are overweight you can lose weight by consuming aloe vera. Try the following recipe


• Orange or grapefruit juice

• Aloe vera pulp


Extract the pulp of 2 leaves of aloe vera and place in a blender and add the orange juice. Beat for about three minutes. For 30 days drink this preparation of aloe vera and orange juice or better grapefruit juice.

Aloe vera mobilizes body fat unused and regulates metabolism.

And increases energy consumption; Aloe vera reduces constipation and eliminates toxins from the colon and digestive system.


how to lose belly weight


4 ..How to lose belly weight with honey and cinnamon

An effective way to increase your metabolism is to drink cinnamon tea with honey from bees, this also helps detoxify the body and raises energy levels. Cinnamon is a super antioxidant that regulates blood sugar levels, reduces oxidative stress and fights obesity by increasing the metabolism of fats.

How to proceed.

-Add one teaspoon of cinnamon powder (or cinnamon barks) over a cup of hot water and let it stand for about 30 minutes.

– Then add a teaspoon of honey, preferable, organic

– On an empty stomach, drink in the morning half a cup, refrigerate and at night, before bed, drink the other half cup of cinnamon and honey.

Additionally, drink about eight glasses of water throughout the day to eliminate toxins.

For reasons, as yet undefined, the mixture of cinnamon and honey has a remarkable effect on the reduction of fat, especially the belly.


How to Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week


5 ..How to lose belly weight with green tea and ginger


how to lose belly weight



There is widespread belief that green tea really helps to lose weight and this is due to its high content of the amine, the amino acid that releases dopamine which relaxes the nervous system.

Ginger added to green tea improves digestion and improves metabolism.

Green tea is packed with catechins, antioxidant flavonoids, which are found in less proportion in black tea because it is fermented. Although complementary studies are lacking, catechins reduce the absorption of fats (lipids) through the intestine.


-1 teaspoon of green tea

– A piece of freshly grated ginger

-A large glass of water

Optionally add one teaspoon of organic honey.


To a cup of boiling water, add the ginger and the green tea and cover the cup. Let stand for 4 minutes and on an empty stomach, drink one or two cups daily. You can add some organic honey.


how to lose belly weight


6 ..How to lose belly weight with chili and mustard

Chili and mustard contain a substance called capsaicin that has been shown to dramatically accelerate body metabolism and is also thermogenic and has been shown to help weight loss significantly because it facilitates the ability to burn calories up to 10% and even after two hours of being consumed.

Red chilies and cayenne pepper are great fat burners but have a very spicy taste.

To fix this, add a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in half a glass of warm water (and at the same time have a glass of cold water ready). Drink the warm water with cayenne and immediately drink the glass of cold water to soften the spicy taste. On an empty stomach, repeat treatment 2 – 3 times a week. The cayenne pepper can also be found in capsules and works the same.

You can also add to your meals red chili, the spicier the better.

how to lose belly weight

7 ..Losing Belly Weight with Parsley

Parsley is an extraordinary diuretic which is ideal for your kidneys, to detoxify the body and to lose weight. To burn fat and reduce calories, boil fresh parsley leaves and drink about 4 cups throughout the day.

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