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Simple Treatment For Colon Cleanse, Lose Weight And Enjoy Enviable Health

PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

To protect your health, eliminate constipation is one of the smartest and most important decisions you have to take.

Dr. Bernard Jensen coined the phrase "Death begins in the colon" and warned that the accumulation of toxic waste in the colon may end up killing one person. He said that up to 95% of diseases originating in the colon. 
To illustrate the problem of a dirty colon full of waste, the Dr.Jensen, said, imagine a plate of food left on the counter for two days at a temperature of 40 degrees (celsius)

By common sense, if you eat three meals, three times daily you must remove the waste. But how do you know if your colon is healthy or sick or in danger of becoming ill?. Ask yourself, how often defecates every day. If the answer is three times, you do not need any treatment. Congratulations. 
But if only eliminates waste 2 or 1, or every other day, your health later or earlier will happen bill with one or more diseases. 
A colon invaded by debris and organic compounds such as putrescine, phenol, butyric acid, indole, ammonia and 36 in total and saturated with almost 200 harmful bacteria to the originators body disease, will cause health problems from mild to chronic and up mortals.

Fermentation Technology Research and Nano Biotechnology indicate that Bacteremia and Toxemia, can lead to diseases such as:
Gastritis, diabetes, gout, asthma, Colitis, Hypertension, Migraine, stroke, gastric ulcer, insomnia, varicose veins, Depression, Skin Wilted, Acne, Hair loss, Fatigue, Cancer, Bad Breath, Indigestion, Obesity and better I do not follow because the list is long.
If you have 70 years, probably your intestines have processed about 40,000 liters of liquid and some 100 tons of food so it is reasonable to consider that up to 15 pounds of fecal waste accumulate in the stomach and poison the bloodstream originate numerous diseases.

But we're on time, if properly remove fecal deposits, intestinal parasites, mucus and other debris, we can prevent and even reverse many diseases and ailments caused by two great evils of our time: stress and constipation.
From now frontally fight against constipation by eating plenty of fiber, fruits, vegetables and plenty of water. If you know any method of bowel cleansing apply it consistently.
Or in any case follow a simple treatment, which according to many people gives excellent results.


This treatment burns fat, regulates metabolism, reduces cholesterol and removes toxins.


It is replacing breakfast for three weeks with the following prepared:

First Week: 1 tablespoon daily flaxseed flour and 100 ml of kefir
Second week: 2 tablespoons daily flaxseed flour and 100 ml of kefir
Third Week: 3 tablespoons daily of flaxseed flour and 150 ml of kefir.
For 21 days should be consumed, replacing breakfast, flaxseed flour and kefir.

If in your town you can´t find flaxseed flour you can grind or pulverize the seeds of flax in blender.

IMPORTANT: Prepare and eat flaxseed every day, if you leave the ground for another day can become rancid. And consume plenty of water, at least two liters a day

Source magazineforhealthy

NOTE: Luis Quiroz Ravines is a Peruvian journalist specializing in Natural Health, author of an effective treatment to stop hair loss naturally. Learn more Here

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