NutriBullet revolutionizes Natural Nutrition

NutriBullet FANTASTIC Invention Revolutionizes Natural Nutrition

NutriBullet, do you know it?

PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Why NutriBullet revolutionizes natural nutrition?

What is NutriBullet, will ask you? NutriBullet is a fantastic answer to the problems or deficiencies of nutrition and health, able to prevent and in many cases cure diseases, reduce weight, avoid obesity, reduce cholesterol, detoxify, increase energy and allow you to enjoy a more youthful and healthy appearance.

Is this possible?

If you provide each day to your diet, fast and easy, abundant vitamins, minerals, fibers, enzymes, antioxidants, proteins, essential oils, chlorophyll, carbohydrates, calcium, phytonutrients, healthy fats and other natural elements contained in fruits and vegetables fresh or dried fruits, is it not wise to think that your health and that of your family will improve and rise to higher levels and enjoy a healthy diet?

NutriBullet is an essential nutritional extractor that allows you to prepare nutritious and healthy beverages of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and nutrients in minutes, taking advantage of 100% of its elements, including seeds and peels, thanks to its exclusive extractive technology with action Cyclone that breaks down and pulverizes seeds, stems and skins of whole foods, where in many cases the highest nutritional values are found, making common extractors juicers, blenders, extractors and other conventional equipment obsolete. NutriBullet has become an essential device for a healthy life. According to the English newspaper The Telegraph, this gadget is the 'secret weapon' of the Duchess of Cambridge to look beautiful and healthy.


What are the advantages of having complete foods With the NutriBullet?

From a high-performance athlete to someone suffering from headaches, to the common consumer in any state of health, everyone benefits if they consume whole extracted foods, because these foods are almost pre-digested so the body absorbs them effortlessly and takes full advantage of all the nutritional elements that food has to offer.

It overcomes a bad chewing and helps the effectiveness of stomach acids and digestive enzymes to break down food more easily and with better absorption of its nutrients.


Why NutriBullet can transform EACH aspect of your health?


Importance of digestion

In the digestive process, chewing is the first step to break food into smaller pieces. But over the years and over time adults chew much less, which means that fewer minerals and vitamins and other nutrients are absorbed. The problem is accentuated in the elderly.

But in addition, as we age the digestive enzymes are depleted and it is likely that in middle age we do not take advantage of the best nutrients in our diet, even if we try to eat well. The NutriBullet may be the answer to this problem.

The key is to "extract" 100% of the nutrients

The classic 600w NutriBullet or the 900w Pro or the latest 2.3 horsepower RX model, thanks to its cyclonic system, turn the harder vegetables, fruits, seeds or ice into soft drinks in a process called "nutritional extraction" Because it uses 100% of the food, including seeds and shells or skins, where they often find valuable nutrients that with other extraction methods we simply discard.

According to the manufacturer this process of nutritive extraction facilitates or saves the digestive system the process of decomposing fibrous or dense foods which allows maximum amount of nutrients to be absorbed by the body.


What is a NutriBlast And why promotes health?

The center of the program NutriBullet's nutritional program is called NutriBlast, a mild nutritional shake made up of 50 percent fresh vegetables and 50 percent fruit, with two to four tablespoons of nuts, almonds, pecans, and other health promoters like pollen, chia, peanut, flaxseed, sesame, spirulina, ideal for good nutrition.

A NutriBlast always follows this pattern with the possibility of frequently varying fruits, vegetables and seeds and nuts according to the results sought, for example, increase overall health, improve sleep, promote cardiovascular health, increase levels of energy, alleviate specific diseases, etc. Naturally you can create your own blends, but a NutriBlast should respect 50 – 50.

Drinking a single daily NutriBlast can provide you with a full range of vitamins and nutrients your body needs to enjoy enviable health.


Is breakfast the main meal?



According to Kings College, after reviewing 28 studies, it seems that the old adage:

"Breakfast like a king, lunch as a prince and dinner as a beggar" could be the best way to lose weight and stay healthy.

Numerous studies have linked breakfast to good health, even claiming that it improves concentration and memory levels and reduces chances of heart disease and overweight.

And this seems to make sense because with breakfast starts the metabolism and allows to burn calories throughout the day. Naturally it provides energy and allows greater concentration in work or study.

Upon awakening, blood sugar levels are generally low, insufficient for your brain and muscles to function properly. A nutritious and balanced breakfast helps replenish energy levels.


NutriBullet and my personal story

I am a Peruvian journalist specializing in Natural Health and when I traveled to the United States I met the NutriBullet in a family kitchen.

Impressed by the gadget, back to Peru, I brought a unit with me. I usually used a blender and extractor to prepare my nutritious juices, but with this appliance everything was simplified, including cleaning, but above all, I was excited about the ability to prepare daily juices and concentrated shakes that included pulps, fibers, seeds and peels of various fruits and vegetables.

So, my main meal of the day was and is breakfast.

On a new trip to the land of Uncle Sam, I bought the Nutribullet Pro, a more powerful version of 900 w with 20,000 revolutions per minute. Since then I use Nutribullet Pro daily and my shakes are even softer and 100 % nutritious. I think these daily shakes have kept me away  from diseases.

One of my favorite recipes

Often in my preparations I include black grapes because of their high content of proantocyanidins and resveratrol, powerful antioxidants found mainly in seeds and skins. To the grapes I add an apple, orange juice, carrot, celery and spinach. Additionally add a tablespoon of pollen, almonds, or pecans and in other cases chia seeds, linseed, maca or sesame.


The Voltage Problem

In countries other than the United States and Canada, countries where the voltage is 110 volts, it is necessary to use a current transformer.

In my case, long ago I bought Japanese TVs with 110 volts of electrical current and I had to adapt transformers, since the current in Peru is 220 volts.

I had a transformer at home that served very well for my first 600 watt NutriBullet, but for the second 900 watt Pro model I bought a used 1000 watt transformer that works great.


IMPORTANT. If you buy a NutriBullet for use outside of the United States or Canada and the electric current in your country is not 110 volts, you should keep in mind two things:

1- Buy a current transformer of a wattage equivalent to or greater than the model of apparatus that you purchase: 600 or 900 watts. If you put a very weak one can heat and burn the transformer.

2- Lightly trim the "hump" of the plug so that it correctly enters the outlet of your locality, unless it is not necessary.

I had to do both and I am happy with the result of my NutriBullet Pro.


Why buy NutriBullet .?

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Experts, advise that a great variety of fruits and vegetables should not be lacking in our daily diet, because they provide vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, fiber and phyto nutrients essential for excellent health, but sometimes it costs to incorporate all these fruits, vegetables, seeds and others on a daily basis. The NutriBullet is a smart buy that allows to incorporate in an attractive way all the nutrients that our body needs. In fact a smoothie or Nutriblast offers more nutrients than any vegetable or fruit juice.

Basically there are 10 reasons to use it daily:


Extra fiber, more flavor and more nutrients

  1. Very easy and fast to use
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Versatility
  4. Reasonable price
  5. Numerous recipes and combinations
  6. Occupies little space
  7. Can take it everywhere
  8. Solid warranty
  9. The NutriBullet works.


Who manufactures the NutriBullet?

Homeland Housewares is the manufacturer of NutriBullet and its President and CEO is Lenny Sands. Mr Sands has gained well-deserved international recognition as a leader and an innovator and in the direct response television market. Sands is highly respected in the industry, with a consistent track record of successful results. Operating from his offices in Los Angeles, China and Hong Kong, Sands oversees the finances, operations and distribution of NutriBullet and has been a member of the Asia Pacific Policy Advisory Center at The Rand Corporation since August 2000


What models does Homeland Housewares manufacture?

To date four are the main models:


Classic NutriBullet


NutriBullet revolutionizes Natural Nutrition

This is the first model released and also the most popular, and is appreciated by users for its ability to effortlessly spray vegetables, fruits, seeds and make delicious protein shakes.

Millions of millions have been sold out of this model and is the true driver of a revolutionary change in the field of natural nutrition that is being embraced by millions of Americans and Canadians and is spreading rapidly throughout the world.

With a powerful 600 watt motor, it uses patented cyclonic action blades, the model includes a robust power base, a flat dry milling cutter, a tall glass, two short glasses, two resealable lids and a manual with numerous recipes in. It is manufactured according to electrical standards of the United States and Canada.


NutriBullet PRO

nUTRIBULLET proIf you are an active or very proactive person about your health, this is the ideal model for you. (This is the model I use in Peru and the classic model is used by my son in another Peruvian city) The NutriBullet Pro has a powerful 900 watt motor and 25,000 revolutions per minute, a common blender has an average of 350 watts. NutriBullet Pro decomposes, pulverizes and emulsifies fruits, vegetables and seeds with remarkable ease by extracting nutrition from the inside, taking advantage of 100% of the food (pulp, skin and fiber) and preparing delicious smoothies or nutriblast.

The Pro model comes with nine pieces with a 24 oz. glass and a colossal 32 oz glass. Including an instruction book and recipes.


Comment from Amazon

I have included the following comment from Sarah found on Amazon:

After two years of making two green smoothies every day, in my original Nutribullet 600 and when the model 900 appeared, we thought with my husband it was time to change. The NutriBullet Pro blends everything smoother and makes everything more enjoyable to drink. For green smoodies nothing can go better with this appliance. And if like me, you had the model 600 all the blades and cups fit into this model.


NutriBullet RX

Nutribullet RX


This is the latest model and its outstanding features are its intelligent technology and powerful engine of 1700 watts and 30,000 revolutions per minute. NutriBullet RX transforms ordinary foods into extraordinary nutrition. It automatically turns on and off with hands-free technology and has a second option to prepare soups and hot sauces in minutes.

All units include glasses and a comprehensive cookbook.

IMPORTANT: The RX model should only be purchased within the United States and Canada; In other countries where the electric current is 220 and not 110-120 volts, it would be difficult and costly to purchase a 110 volt power adapter for this model, although Amazon shipped to most countries in the world.


About Amazon, at the end of this post, just as information I check the 8 best selling health products on Amazon, if you are curious, review them.


Baby Bullet Baby Care System


NutriBullet revolutionizes Natural Nutrition

With BabyBullet in minutes you can prepare baby creams and milkshakes for a whole week. The model comes equipped with grinding knife, glasses with lids and six small tanks with airtight lid to store in each, a different food for each day.

At home, in New Jersey, following Pediatrician's instructions, a different meal was prepared each day for my 8-month-old grandson, for example: pear, grapes, apple, sweet potato, artichoke, etc.


And NOW see NutriBullet in ACTION
and see the RESULTS



IMPORTANT: The prices presented in this video are launch prices. Current prices may be different.

On average these are the current prices:

Classic Nutribullet.     Click  HERE

NutriBullet PRO.        Click  HERE

NutriBullet RX.           Click  HERE  

Baby Bullett.              Click  HERE


NutriBullet RECIPES


NutriBullet RECIPES emphasizes in its cover the following phrase:

SUPERCHARGE your HEALTH in just seconds a day!

And then :

“Put your health in your own hands”


NutriBullet brings a very comprehensive cookbook that includes general recipes and specific recipes for each disease. I describe some.


NutriBullet revolutionizes Natural Nutrition



Banana Bonanza



This recipe brings antioxidants, vitamin K, potassium, vitamins A and C, fiber, and cinnamon regulates glucose levels.


1 banana

2-3 leaves of kale

1/2 cup mixed berries

1 teaspoon cinnamon

Filtered or bottled water

Add the ingredients in the glass, turn the extractor and emulsify until smooth, about 30 – 40 seconds. Enjoy.

Cholesterol Blast


Reduce your cholesterol naturally with this delicious smoothie

   1 cup blueberries

   2 handfuls of kale

   ⅓ cup cooked oatmeal

   ½ banana

   2 tablespoons raw cacao

   10 almonds

Fill to the top line with filtered water. Process and enjoy


Hormone Promoter


Ideal for that age where hormonal changes in women are inevitable.


10 red grapes without seeds

¼ small raw beet

10 raspberries

2 small broccoli florets

1 teaspoon olive oil

1 tablespoon goji berries

½ small avocado (boned and peeled)

Place in the glass, process suitably and enjoy


Youth Foundation


Feel younger and face the years with this delicious smoothie


½ cup blueberries

Two handfuls of kale

1 medium nectarine (deboned)

½ avocado (chopped and peeled)

10 walnut halves

Fill to the top line with filtered water or almond milk, process one or more times, no more than 40 seconds at a time and enjoy.


Restful sleep

nutribullet PRO


With this explosive and nutritious milkshake sleep peacefully without having to count sheep.


1 banana

2 handfuls of spinach

¼ cup blueberry

1 tablespoon sunflower seeds

1 tablespoon pumpkin seeds

¼ cup raspberry

Fill to the top line with boiled, filtered or bottled water, process and enjoy.


Explosion of beauty


nutribullet RX



Healthy skin and hair and youthful glow with this delicious nutriblast


½ cup pineapple

2 handfuls of Swiss chard

12 cashews

1 tablespoon goji berries

½ cup strawberries

Fill up to the maximum line with filtered water, process and enjoy


Beautiful skin and less weight


NutriBullet FANTASTIC  Invention Revolutionizes Natural Nutrition


Want to lose a few pounds and look radiant skin?


1 banana

2 handfuls of spinach

1 orange (peeled)

1 carrot

⅛ cup pumpkin seeds

2 tablespoons of hemp seeds

Fill the glass to the full line with filtered water or almond milk, process and enjoy


NOTE: Luis Quiroz Ravines is a Peruvian journalist specializing in Natural Health creator of the successful treatments Hair Loss Natural Solution  to stop hair loss and Weight Loss Peruvian Recipe. to lose weight naturally.

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