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PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines.

Maybe you do not know which are mitochondria and what is their function, but their role in health is vital because body organs need energy to work properly and mitochondria produce energy. Mitochondria are the main energy source ror the body

At the Salk Institute in La Jolla in California, Dr. Rhonda Parick, biometrics scientist, has studied the mitochondria and their interaction with the abnormal metabolism and their effect on aging.
Dr. Patrick discovered that it is important and vital to optimize the function of mitochondria because their function are fundamental to everything that happens in the human body, so it is necessary to properly nourish the mitochondria to prevent disease and achieve optimal health.

And what is their relationship to lose weight and fight aging? Why not to eat at night?

The Doctor Mercola, a noted advocate of natural health, says:

"I've been a fan of intermittent fasting for a long time for a variety of reasons, certainly for longevity and health, but also because it appears powerfully prevent cancer and provide benefits to treatment. And the mechanism for this is related to the effect that fasting has on mitochondria".

If we limit the provision of food partially or intermittently, also we limit the production of free radicals originated  by mitochondria. Moderate calorie restriction has beneficial effects on overall health and weight loss in particular. If food intake is reduced, automatically calories decrease.

For effective caloric restriction, short periods of fasting are ideal, for example not eat several hours before going to bed. It is intermittent fasting.
For weight loss, nutritionist suggests fasting once a week, but only one full day weekend every week, ie four times a month fasting.

A study from the University of Utah, showed that people who fasted one day each month, reduced by 40% the chances of arterial obstruction.
The study conducted with 500 people also throw other salutary effects on weight control, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

The body uses a minimum of calories while we slepp, so it seems sensible fasting that is not eating before bedtime; and reducing the fuel generating free radicals which accelerate the aging and tissue damage is reduced. This conclusion follows from comparative studies called "Mitochondrial DNA Damage and Animal Longevity".

According to Dra. Patrick, fasting works because the body has to rely on lipids and accumulated energy causing that cells are forced to use their mitochondria fats.
The more mitochondria are fed, the better, so Dr. Patrick recommends the following supplements to nourish mitochondria:

  • Magnesium
  • Acetyl L-carnitine
  • Omega 3
  • B vitamins
  • CoQ10

In conclusion, intermittent or partial fasting has several other advantages, ranging from detoxify the body to lose weight and delay aging.
Source mercola.com

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