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The incredible benefits of physical activity

PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Like no other civilization the ancient Greece had the highest esteem for physical activity, the Greeks believed that as important as the development of the mind was the development of the body and physical well-being was essential for mental wellbeing. A strong body in a healthy mind

This ideal of mind-body has had throughout history and to this day a rather weak development. Many cultures promote spirituality at the expense of the body unlike Greek society propelling a healthy mind can only be found in a healthy body.

It would be ideal that physical activity should be part of our lives and our daily routine because of the proven benefits that offered us.

As we said regular physical activity has been recognized by conferring health benefits since ancient times. However, for most of mankind, voluntary discretion, whether or not exercise performed, is a recent phenomenon, limited to industrialized societies

Lush epidemiological literature shows greater longevity in physically active and to reverse a relationship between low levels of daily exercise and incidence in chronic disorders such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart disease and other causes of mortality.

From a public health perspective it should encourage the population to integrate physical activity into your life; at home, at school, at work, on the way … that's active life. that modest increases in daily activities such as walking or climbing stairs have significant positive impact in reducing diseases.

Maintaining muscle mass requires a minimum level of daily physical activity. A slow but inexorable loss of muscle mass is a feature of age. The human body is a machine designed for movement. Without movement simply die out slowly. Therefore regular physical activity is essential for health. 'About 30 minutes a day of exercise, 5 times a week benefit health as follows:

  • Reduced Risk of premature death
  • Reduced Risk of heart attack
  • Reduced Risk of developing diabetes
  • Reduced Risk of developing high blood pressure
  • They assist in reducing high pressure
  • Reduced Depression and anxiety
  • Reduced Risk of developing colon cancer
  • Help To weight control
  • Help Build bones, muscles and joints
  • Promotes psychological well-being.

Regular exercise also significantly reduces the risk of cancer, as noted by a study by the Cancer Research Center of Europe (EPIC).

Because physical inactivity is a risk factor for many diseases, making physical activity an integral part of daily life is crucial. It need not be strenuous to be beneficial. People of all ages can benefit from moderate physical activity, such as walking 30 minutes 5 or 6 times a week.

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