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How to control diabetes naturally according to polemic naturopath

PC.Luis Quiroz Ravines

Even today it is difficult to control diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that currently affects more than 450 million individuals in the world. According science is an incurable disease and all you can do is control or stop its advance, but an effective and definitive solution frantically looking for. There are numerous theories to cure diabetes, from natural treatments to refer the disease to lose weight, but until now nothing conclusive.

The disease is caused when the body does not effectively use the insulin produced or when the pancreas does not produce adequate amounts of insulin. Only in 2012 more than 3 .5 million deaths were caused directly or indirectly by diabetes and if it is not a definitive solution to this disease, the International Diabetes Federation estimates that by 2040 one in 10 adults will have diabetes.

The effects of the disease are devastating and is a leading cause of kidney failure, blindness, heart attack and amputation of lower limbs.

Among the many naturalists who claim to have control diabetes is Mike Adams, who has written hundreds of articles about natural health and owns a website that has more than 7 million visits per month. He claims to have completely cured of diabetes at the age of 30 years, only using an  alternative nutrition and there is born his interest in a more natural nutrition.

Adams, is a controversial figure, lover of holistic food and raw food and advised not to eat dairy products, processed foods, sugar, mammalian meat or products containing MSG (Highfructose corn syrup). Adams has written the book "How to Stop Diabetes in 25 Days" and claims to have helped thousands of people to prevent and even reverse diabetes in less than a month.

Many science bloggers and critics consider him a charlatan, but millions of people follow him each month.

With this preliminary information I will review its approach to control diabetes and you reader carefully evaluate this content and draw your own conclusions.If you suffer from diabetes, my first advice is to visit your doctor.

How to control Diabetes according to Mike Adams

These are five recommendations to prevent and combat diabetes:

  • 1- In a previous article I pointed out the dangers of sodas because of its high sugar content. And the first recommendation of Adams is put aside all refined sugars, ie give up all foods made with corn syrup or high fructose sugar from sugar cane. At the beginning it is difficult to stop sugar but with patience can be achieved. Mike took 6 months definitely leave products containing corn syrup or sugar cane. According an American critic, sugar is one of the worst inventions for health.
  • 2- Consume daily large amounts of super- foods and this includes fruit smoothies and vegetables, almond milk, coconut oil, spirulina, organic fruit, rice bran, astaxanthin, chlorella and various herbs of Chinese medicine.
  • 3- To prevent diabetes exercise is essential and should be done as a daily activity, such as walking 30 minutes a day can mean a big impact on the prevention of diabetes. I would add, at all costs reduce excess weight.
  • 4- Getting healthy levels of vitamin “D” from the sun or from supplements. Deficiency of this important vitamin causes diabetes and other diseases, including kidney. African Americans have a deficiency of vitamin D up to 97%, Latinos and Asians 80%, and an average 70% Americans. A study by an American university showed that high levels of vitamin D may prevent cancer by up to 77%.
  • 5- Adams says is very important to avoid processed and refined foods. This includes processed meat, white bread, dairy products (replace them with almond milk), reduce consumption of cheese, eat only fresh, non-processed meat that contains nitrito sodium harmful to the function of the pancreas.

Mike Adams, argues that making real change in lifestyle could prevent and reverse diabetes perfectly. He says follow these 5 rules and forget diabetes. You can control diabetes.

I would add that abundant consumption of water and some little sweet fruits and many vegetables and sustained exercise and weight control program can do much to alleviate this evil disease.

In peru to control diabetes we consume “chicha morada”(a drink from corn color purple) tea mango leaves, leaf tea soursop, canary seed milk (if you prepare at home, relieved strain about 5 times to remove silica which can be harmful), prickly pears, etc.

Remember that this data is for informational purposes only and are not intended to replace the authorized advice of your physician

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