High Blood Pressure Natural Ways To Reduce It Fast

High Blood Pressure Best Natural Ways To Reduce It Fast

PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

 High blood pressure around the world ..

High blood pressure is the disease responsible for one in eight deaths in the world. It mainly originates from overweight, lack of exercise, excess salt in diets, excess alcohol, lead exposure, exposure to noise and even from air pollution.

In Eastern Europe the rate of people with high blood pressure is very high, perhaps due to lack of fresh supplies and in Africa could be due to poor nutrition in the uterus

In the world, a quarter of men have high blood pressure and about a fifth of women also suffer from the disease. The highest rates are in eastern and central Europe for men, while the highest rates for women are in sub-Saharan Africa.

In rich Western and Asian countries, the lowest rates prevail. In only 36 countries is it common for women to have high blood pressure and almost all of these countries are in Africa.

The medical journal Lancet reports that hypertension is more common than is believed and a very high risk factor for heart and kidney disease because it greatly increases the chances of stroke.

However due to changes in lifestyle and early prevention high blood pressure rates have begun to fall, particularly in rich countries.

Causes of high blood pressure

Up to 90% of high blood pressure cases are caused by lifestyle and habits that constrict blood vessels. When blood vessels are strongly constrained the heart must work much harder to keep blood flowing, hence the higher blood pressure.

Stress, obesity, lack of sleep, smoking, excess alcohol may be causing high blood pressure.

Increasing in blood flow a compound known as nitric monoxide can help open blood vessels under pressure and reduce high blood pressure.

How to lower blood pressure quickly and naturally

Four ways to increase nitric monoxide in your blood:

  • Aerobic exercise
  • Take a hot water bath
  • Aspirate and expel air through one nostril of the nose (keeping the other nostril and mouths shut)
  • Eating melon is rich in amino acids and vitamin C.

Additionally remove caffeine, increase the consumption of essential oils Omerga 3 and eat fermented foods.

According to Dr. L. Merk, successfully treat high blood pressure without medication is really simple. While hypertension is a serious condition, it is also one of the easiest to treat if a healthy nutritional plan is followed, practiced regularly exercises and emotional balance is achieved.

Insulin is the major reason for the high pressure persists. Most patients have clogged insulin receptors and already do not work well, ,so the body has to produce more insulin to force them to work.

This can lead to devastating consequences, because excessive insulin cause serious complications – plus blood sugar is one of the leading causes of complications of high blood pressure and diabetes.

So the first step is to eliminate most grains and all sweets from your diet until your pressure and weight return to normal. Sugars and grains tend only to insulin levels remain high.

Another way to reduce insulin levels would be exercised wisely.

Most hypertensive patients with overweight require a comprehensive group of relatively intense aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Experience has shown that changes in diet and an exercise program normalize high blood pressure in more than 85% of people.

But if there are individuals with unresolved conflicts and a stressful past that are the primary cause of high blood pressure. Additionally, many individuals are unable to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle to normalize their blood pressure, due to emotional behavior of self-sabotage.

This is where some psychological tools are invaluable, as called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) consisting of very simple practices of acupressure, which we hope to speak later.

How To Overcome High Blood Pressure Naturally -Dr. Axe


Control your stress

Cardiologists believe that the relationship between stress and hypertension is evident. In the United States due to the hectic and frenetic life, one in three adults suffer from hypertension.

Try to control your stress teaching your body to relax through breathing, visualizations and exercise.

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