Health Secrets of the Oldest People in the World

PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Biblically Adam, the first man of creation lived 930 years, Noah and Methuselah lived 950 and 969 years; and generally the first men lived long years, but gradually decreasing the average life expectancy of men up to the present. In the Upper Paleolithic the average life expectancy was 33 years and today, Europe is 78.4 years, 77.6 in North America, Latin America 71.5 and Asia 67.3.

But there is a group of people who spend long 100 years of life and many 110 years.
We review some health secrets of these exceptional people, the longest in the world.

Looks like the Chinese, Li Ching Yuen, he was the oldest man in recent times, died at age 256 years. He was herbalist very young and said that his food was based on wild ginseng, rice wine, lingzhi, Asian kola, goji berries and other Asian plants. Li Ching married 23 times and at age 71 was a martial arts instructor in the Chinese army.

Before dying Li revealed that his food played an important role in his life, but the true secret of his long life was controlling his mind, his breathing technique and your mood.

According to the Gerontology Research Group (GRG) the oldest woman was French Jeanne Calment that at age 13 she met Vincent van Gogh, died in 1997 at the age of 122 years.

– Klink Johanna lived 112 years, she was the oldest person in Germany and died in February 2015, remained lucid and in good physical condition to her end. See revealed her secret to long life was a normal diet but with only a few drops of oil or butter in your meals.

– Momi, Who died last year at 112 years old, was professor and director during her lifetime. She said I have no secret to my longevity, I only eat moderately and never drinking.

– Ethel Lang was born in England and was one of the oldest people in Europe before her death in January 2015. She worked in a shirt factory and witnessed the First World War. Ethel said she drank a lot of tea, elaborated her own bread and food and never smoked or drank alcohol, she was always in motion and kept at her ideal weight, never gained weight. She liked to dance and her last dance was when she was 107 years. A feature of her life was concern for the welfare of people

– Orma Slack, worked until 104 years as a volunteer at a hospital in Bellville, remained very active, even went skiing when she was 109 years. Born in Canada in 1903, previously she worked as a teacher until 64 years until 1988 and traveled the world with her husband.

She died in 2015 at 112 years old and said he had not done anything special to live many years, but perhaps her secret was her positive attitude and respect for others. She never said anything negative about your neighbors or friends.

– Violet Brown lived 115 years and 6 months, was born in Jamaica and young, every morning she walked three miles to get water before going to school. Recalls the difficulties she had to go and the secret to her long life, says is her faith in God and her commandments and for her the most important commandment is "Honor thy father and thy mother" Violeta was born when Jamaica was a colony of British Empire and is the last survivor of Queen Victoria.

– Emma Morano-Martinuzzi, was born in Italy in 1899 and died in 1978 at 115 years and 6 months. Emma said she never used drugs, quew,  ate three eggs every day, drank brandy preparing herself and drank chocolate regularly. She admitted that the secret of her longevity was her positive thinking towards life.

– Susannah Mushatt Jones, 116 years and two months, officially one of the world's oldest living person, was born in 1899 near New York. Susannah says she has never smoked cigarettes or tried alcohol, or makeup or hair dyes. Only use medicine for blood pressure and at 100 years lost her sight due to diabetes.

– Jeralean Talley, died in June 2015 at 116 years and one month old. She had a golden rule: "Treat others as you would have them do unto you". When she had 114 years said, if you want to live long, "you never stop moving" and she was always busy and moving, playing bowling and fishing to 104 years.

– Gertrude Weaver, on her 116th birthday, received a letter from President Obama, informing her that from that date, July 4, officially "Gertrude Day" was called

Gertrude claimed that her secret life was her faith in God, hard work and always do as much as you can and if you can not not do it.

– Misao Okawa, officially turned 117 years, a day before she died in Osaka, Japan. She did not explain her long life, but said she routinely ate sushi, whisky added to your coffee and slept very well.

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