Ginger or Kion wonderful plant

PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Strong aroma and spicy flavor ginger or Quion belongs to the family of Zingiberaceae and its name is Zingiber officinale.
For therapeutic purposes it was used in the Greek era and the famous physician Galen used it to treat cases of paralysis. Some ancient peoples considered it a spiritual cleansing and consumed in abundance before religious holidays days.

Commonly used as seasoning, often used to relieve stomach problems and many dietary supplements contain Quion in its formulation.
But Quion goes beyond simple stomach relief. According to a study by the University of Michigan, Quion could help treat ovarian cancer. The study found that Quion soluble powder produced in death by suicide autophagy and cancer cells.

This opens a great hope for patients with recurrent ovarian cancer often returns to the usual treatment of chemotherapy-resistant, says Dr. J. Rebecca Liu researcher at the University of Michigan.

This research says is only the beginning of other studies should confirm these early encouraging results Ginger effect in the specific treatment of ovarian cancer.

A Quion treatment, being natural, have fewer side effects than surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.
Quion has traditionally been used to relieve digestive problems, avoid vomiting, gastritis and ulcers prevent and stop diarrhea.
But in India from where he hails the Quion also used to stimulate circulation and reduce cholesterol levels so it is useful for preventing heart disease.

Another frequent uses of Ginger is its application to relieve symptoms of colds, reduce cough, congestion and other respiratory problems.
Quion is also anti-inflammatory and analgesic and regular use can help reduce arthritis pain.

It is also used to fight bad breath and even as an aphrodisiac to help men with erectile dysfunction.
In short, Quion attributed digestive, analgesic, antiseptic aromatic and antiseptic, aphrodisiac, tonic, antihistamine, expectorant, carminative,


But its use also has contraindications and must use the Quion with caution.
For example pregnant women should not consume Quion, first they have to talk to their doctor. Women should avoid ginger during their period because it may increase bleeding.

Also people suffering gastritis or ulcers should avoid taking Quion. The Quion prevents gastritis but once installed, it is best to consult with your doctor.

The Quion is not indicated for diabetics because it can interact with medications for diabetes, it is best to consult with your doctor.

But overall the Quion or ginger is one of the most valuable natural elements and we must keep it.

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