Eating oranges reduces risk of diabetes and heart disease, study says

PC.Luis Quiroz Ravines

Accumulated fat cells in the human body, cause excessive reactions of oxygen and originate oxidative stress that can damage cells. Inflammation and oxidative stress in obese people increase the risk of diabetes, liver disease and heart disease, as researchers explain.

Orange and citrus fruits generally contain high amounts of flavones, a type of antioxidant that can help keep us healthy while preventing the harmful effects of liver disease, diabetes and heart disease.

Paula S. Ferreyra, a student at the University Paulista in Brazil and part of the research team, said that in the future we can use flavones from citrus fruits, especially oranges and lemons, to delay or prevent onset of chronic diseases related to obesity individuals. The study's lead researcher, Cesar B. Thais warned however, that the study did not reveal participants, weight loss due to citrus flavones.

What are Flavones?

Flavonoids are present in plants and are natural pigments that help protect the body from damage elements or oxidizing substances such as environmental pollution and ultraviolet rays. In 1930, the Nobel Prize Sent Gyorgy isolated citrine lemon peel, a substance that regulates the permeability of the small arteries.

Since then more than 5,000 flavonoids have been identified and are widely distributed in vegetables, fruits, and various drinks such as green tea, black tea, wine, beer etc. These flavonoids we must get them from food because the human body can not produce these substances. The foods more rich in flavones are oranges, lemons, red grapes, strawberries, spinach, eggplants, peppers, onions and a fairly extensive list.

The study of flavones and its health effects, was presented by researchers at the National No. 252 and Exposition of the American Chemical Society in Philadelphia  and they concluded that citrus may help people to be healthier by reducing oxidative stress, face fewer risks caused by obesity and minimize damage to the liver.

Ferreyra, one of the researchers said that eating citrus fruits could also have beneficial effects for non obese people but consumers of high-fat diets that might otherwise develop obesity, insulin resistance or cardiovascular disease.

The study of flavones experimented with 50 mice which were fed with high-fat diets spiked with flavones from oranges, limes and lemons. Flavones as Eriocitrin, hesperidin and eriodictol were provided. For a month the mice were fed with foods high in fat more Eriocitrin, hesperidin and eriodictiol.

The group consuming high fat foods without flavones revealed increased levels of reactive substances harmful markers compared to mice flavones provided.

Hesperidin, eriodictyol eriocitrin and TBARS levels decreased in the liver by 50 percent, 57% and 64% respectively.

So to enjoy a healthy life, eat more oranges, lemons and limes and other foods rich in flavones, it is a good choice.

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