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PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

About avocado, Dr, H Kim, a physician and recognized promoter of natural food,  says, if I had to choose a single fruit, to consume the rest of my life, I choose avocado. Known in some parts, like "alligator pear", the avocado is one of the best natural sources for raw and healthy fat mono insaturated variety. Cells need healthy fats to complete the metabolic process. Also need them to maintain the integrity of the membranes, approximately 50% of the cells are made of these fats. Avocados, provide abundant crude fat, fiber, vitamin K, folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin C.

Avocados can be healthy for your liver

On the other hand, contrary to what most people thinks that the fruit is very heavy and harmful to the liver, it could have the opposite effect. According to a new study recently conducted in Japan, avocado (Persea americana) can help protect the liver from severe damage.

The researchers fed mice with avocado cream and other foods while they supplied the substance called D-galactosamine, which causes liver damage by interfering with cell synthesis and ultimately causes cell death.The mice fed only with avocado were less amount of liver damage. Researchers found on avocado three new compounds that could explain the protective effect on the liver of this fruit.

Besides offering pleasant taste and nutritional value, avocado appears to improve liver health said Hirokasu Kawagishi, professor of chemical biology applied to the Shizuoka University of Japan. Because of this finding, he said he has started using avocado and recommended consume it daily. Other fruits that showed a protective effect on the liver were the kiwi, watermelon and papaya. As the avocado is provides many health benefits, so that would have to consume it more regularly, although perhaps not on a daily basis because increases the risk of developing sensitivity to this fruit. Some people ignore avocado because of its high fat content, but as you know this fat is cholesterol free and is beneficial.

According to Dr. Teofilo Luna, this fruit is an extremely valuable food because it contains fatty building materials, proteins, minerals and vitamins in profuse quantities and is invaluable for cases of malnutrition and underweight. The fat in the fruit is quickly assimilated easily burned and transformed into energy and most importantly, he says, does not attack the liver as with animal fats that produce heaviness and depression after eating. The avocado is also used as valuable cosmetic, both to soften the skin and to keep hair shiny and silky.

Avocados can reduce cholesterol and trigliséridos

Research has shown that avocado consumption can reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels significantly, as well as reduce the potentially harmful LDL cholesterol and raise good cholesterol HDL

According to these studies avocado consumption:

It can reduce LDL (bad)  cholesterol by 22%
Reduce triglycerides up to 20%
Increase good HDL cholesterol up to 11%

The avocado could help to lose weight

The fat of the fruit has a satiating power and for several hours reduces the desire to eat compared to a regualar food so their use can complement weight loss programs. Because avocados are high in carbohydrates and high in fiber making it ideal food for weight loss.

They can reduce symptoms of arthritis

Studies have shown that avocado and soy can reduce arthritis pain of hip and knee caused by deterioration of cartilage in the joint.

Avocados can benefit your eyes

The zeaxanthin and lutein, carotenoids, powerful antioxidants found in avocados are very important for eye health and prevent  macular degeneration and cataracts, very common disease among adult people. Eating avocados, can be healthy  for your eyes to long-term.

Healthier eating more avocados

17,567 people participated in a study that divided people into two groups. The group that consumed avocado regularly were healthier, with 50% less likely to have metabolic syndrome and showed significantly less fat in the abdomen, weighed less, had an index lower muscle mass, increased their good cholesterol (HDL) and they were healthier in relation to people who did not eat avocado.

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