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Diabetes Type 2 Natural Cure-The Successful Story of Keith Dawson

Diabetes Type 2 natural healing in just ten weeks

P.C. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Diabetes Type 2 is a lifelong disease, that is, it is chronic and is characterized by a high content of sugar in the blood (glucose), it is the most common type of diabetes.

Diabetes Type 2 develops slowly over time and being overweight is a major characteristic, the correct use of insulin is altered with the increase in body fat.

There are diagnosed 3.5 million people with diabetes Type 2

Causes of diabetes mellitus type 2

What causes diabetes

The main role of insulin is to mobilize glucose to the cells where it is stored, and glucose is subsequently used to produce energy. The cells of the pancreas called beta produce insulin.

When there is resistance to insulin, ie the hepatocytes, adipocytes and muscle cells do not respond correctly to insulin, it is said that diabetes Type 2 has occurred.

When the sugar cannot enter the cells, there is an accumulation of sugar at high levels which is called hyperglycemia.

Symptoms of diabetes Type 2

type 2 diabetes symptoms

The different symptoms appear very slowly, usually, people do not notice them and may include:

Frequently urinate

be very thirsty
lose weight involuntarily
feel hungry or tired
present a blurred vision
have wounds that heal very slowly.

Diabetes Type 2 the story of Keith Dawson


Keith Dawson a Manchester businessman had type 2 diabetes, one of the forms of diabetes that can dramatically reduce life expectancy and unfortunately affects millions of people.

Diabetes mellitus type 2 originates from several causes, among the main causes of an incorrect lifestyle and an inadequate diet.

Keith was taking medication for his diabetes, was overweight and was often tired. He ate meals high in fat and carbohydrates and almost zero exercises.

Keith knew that if he did not treat his diabetes in a timely manner, his health could face serious consequences, such as losing vision, having a cardiovascular accident, having a limb amputated or suffering from kidney failure.

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But Keith with the guidance of an expert fitness trainer, controlled diabetes in only 10 weeks and with his normal sugar levels, he stopped the medication.

Keith says I left the pills after a couple of weeks and for the next eight weeks his glucose levels have been less than six.

And what is Keith Dawson's secret to controlling diabetes Type 2 ?

On his last visit to the doctor, after a blood sugar test, he told him that his glucose levels were normal and doctor was really surprised by these improvements,

The Manchester businessman realized he could control his blood sugar level, only controlling what he drinks, controlling his eating habits and exercising.

Keith said: "Now I would say that I feel more fit and with more energy than twenty years ago."

"I guess I'm feeling the benefits socially, I discover that I walk more and I care more about my body."

Keith changed his diet, eating smoked salmon and eggs at breakfast and meat or fish with lots of vegetables for lunch.


Keith has lost almost 40 pounds and is motivated

Emily, his trainer also made sure that he stayed motivated.

By reducing body fat, Keith has experienced other additional benefits, sleep better, feel fewer body aches and have a positive mindset. Think that he will get more out of life.

Being healthy again was a great encouragement for him. It's all about mentality says. And dedication and persistence are fundamental.

Keith's experience began when he learned that diabetes could be reversed in just ten weeks with a proper diet and joined an experimental group of 238 patients.

The scientists who carried out the experiment restricted the carbohydrates and increased the fats and the results were surprising, observing dramatic improvements.

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