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CANCER This is Its Achilles Heel And Also Diabetes And Other Diseases

  PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Cancer and its Achilles heel.

Cancer and its Achilles heel for decades have been ignored by the cancer industry, despite valuable research from institutions like Yale, Duke, Baylor, Harvard, etc. which demonstrated the existence of this Cancer Achilles heel.

The following information is so important that I should share it with you.


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Dr. James Watson who in 1953, along with Francis Crick, discovered the structure of DNA – the coding of each cell, is now, after 60 years of researching cancer, is the main propeller of attacking cancer "the way correct "by attacking its Achilles heel.

When the DNA was discovered, it was thought that the cancer was produced by cell mutations and Dr. Watson led for 60 years the search for solutions to genetic mutations causing cancer.

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But now he recognizes that all the effort has been for nothing

Dr. Watson says; the mortality of cancer has not been affected and so we know that the current approach is not working and that the search for years of mutant genes has unfortunately been useless; hearing this from the world's leading genetics scientist really surprises us.

In 1924 a brilliant biochemist discovered the Achilles heel of cancer and in 1931 won a Nobel Prize for this discovery, but this vital information has been ignored over time because the treatments of the Achilles heel are simple and cheap and it would seem that this does not suit the large cancer drug industry.

Otto Warburg – is the name of the biochemist who in 1924 discovered the cause of all cancers

Medical books do not mention the discovery of the Achilles heel and most doctors have not heard of this option. In the United States, only 15 states allow the use of Achilles heel therapies, although in the world more than 47,000 doctors apply these therapies and save lives.

These methods use a vital "element" for each cell to survive, but for cancer cells, this element is MORTAL. Achilles heel treatments strengthen the immune system which means more health and less weakness and disease.

Achilles heel treatments not only stop the progression of cancer but also other chronic diseases benefit from this element because the whole body is fortified and these treatments with the Achilles heel  can alleviate and even cure diseases such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Heart Disease and Stroke
  • Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease
  • Epilepsy, migraines and nerve pain
  • Schizophrenia
  • Hepatitis C and cirrhosis

Will you wonder how all this can be possible?
The answer is the element we are talking about because your entire body must have this element in each cell for each function to execute correctly. But as we said for cancer cells it is deadly.

Repeat, cancer can be crushed by attacking your Achilles heel.
And what is that Achilles heel.?
OXYGEN is the element that is like kryptonite for cancer.

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But how can such a simple and ordinary element make such important transformations in the human body? It is that oxygen is LIFE, it is a vital, critical element, that your body takes it automatically with each breath. Oxygen is an essential nutrient that revitalizes the immune system and attacks cancer in its weakest part.

Oxygen is the basic fuel for cellular metabolism and when combined with vitamins, hormones and minerals releases energy, the energy that allows one to enjoy a full and healthy life.

But today due to environmental pollution by carbon dioxide does not receive enough oxygen in the air that breathes and we are increasingly exposed to heavy metals and toxins that do not allow the proper use of oxygen.

Since 1900 environmental pollution and cancer have run parallel and more pollution more cancer because more pollution means less available oxygen. Low levels of oxygen damage cells in the mitochondria and ultimately damage DNA.

For this reason, Dr. Watson after studying cancer for more than 60 years changed his opinion on the cause of cancer and states that now every penny in research should be spent on understanding and studying the Achilles heel of cancer

And many other experts agree on the importance of oxygen and its ability to cure almost all ailments and diseases.

– Dr. Arthur C. Guyton Expert in Medical Physiology says: All chronic pain, suffering, and disease are caused by lack of oxygen at the cellular level. "
– Dr. Stephen A. Levin, Ph.D. of the University of California at Berkeley, says "lack of oxygen in tissues is the root cause of all degenerative diseases."
– Dr. W. Spencer Way also agrees and says, "The link between insufficient oxygen and disease has been firmly established."
– And Dr. Parris M. Kidd, an internationally recognized cell biologist, states: "We can consider oxygen deficiency as the most important cause of any disease."
– Notable is the discovery by Dr. Dominic D'Agostino of the University of South Florida who conducted a study in mice with very advanced cancer. He found that mice treated with oxygen therapies lived 78% longer than the test group.

Conventional radiation and chemo treatments have been unsuccessful so far because these treatments weaken the immune system when it is needed most. And while they kill cancer cells they also affect healthy cells.

Instead, Achilles heel treatments, according to Dr. Thomas Levy, MD, a cardiologist, and biologist at Johns Hopkins University, are so simple and cost-effective that many are not interested in getting to know and disseminate them, especially to the large industry of cancer. Yet despite this lack of information, more than 12 million patients worldwide have saved their lives with the Achilles heel treatments to fight cancer and other diseases.

And how to get more oxygen for our body? … fortunately, there is good news, there are simple ways to get more oxygen for your body. With simple steps, you can increase oxygen to your cells to create more energy and make everything work better. Cancer and other diseases can be destroyed by boosting your immune system and as a result, your brain can react faster, your liver can remove toxins and you may feel healthier

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