4 Principles for a long and healthy life

Luis Quiroz Ravines

The natural human desire to enjoy a long and healthy life passes directly through the lifestyle practiced. Wrong diet, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol, cigarette, excesses of all kinds, etc., are practices that affect health and life. We all know that, but it costs us to adapt to styles of simple and healthy life because often collide with our old habits implanted in childhood. Nobody wants to live indefinitely, emulating Methuselah, the mythical biblical character who lived 969 years, but not allow such a fleeting life of just 33.87 years, as is the average life of the inhabitants of the African Botswana.

It is vital to enjoy the space that the Creator granted us fully, minimal pain and spiritual peace. And the rules of life to approach these goals are known, but little practiced .. This article aims to remember those basic health measures, repeatedly supported by scientific evidence.

The Spanish teacher Alberto Boveris says that if people follow a diet rich in vitamins, avoid sedentary lifestyle and improve the conditions of their surrounding environment, the average human life could be extended to 120 years. But also he says, it would reach that age with full preservation of mental abilities. Boveris a scientist at the UBA and CONICET, bases his work on comparative biology techniques applied in laboratory animals.

Experiments, in rodents, and yielded results in an increase of 25 percent of longevity. It has managed to increase the average life with a combination of dietary supplements, exercise and decrease overweight.

The secret to a longer, healthier life  is "an open secret" that we all know but for different reasons do not apply

 In a recent study conducted at Wageningen University in the Netherlands between 1500 people from 11 European countries, between 70-90 years old, over a period of 10 years, researchers found that the adoption of four basic steps in changing lifestyle  dramatically reduced the risk of death. That is lengthening the lifetime.

These Principles for a long and healthy life are:

1 – Physical activity (about 30 minutes a day) was the most
     simple and greatest protector against death by reducing the
     risk by 37%.

2 – Do not smoke or quit smoking cut the risk by 35%

3 – Follow a diet rich in water consumption, fruits, vegetables and
      fish and reduced consumption of red meat, sugar and products
      milk decreases the risk by 23%

4 – Consume alcohol in moderation (about 4 glasses of wine or
      equivalent per week) descends the risk of death by 22%.

Researchers from Wageningen University found that people seniors who adopted these four simple steps reduced their risk of death by 65% ​​over a period of 10 years. That is earned an average life of 6.5 years in only 10 years. This style of simple and natural life should be taken from youth if they expect to enjoy a healthy old age.

As seen, the daily and continuous exercise training is vital. Here the popular statement that says is fully implemented, "if by old age you can not run, jog; if you can not jog, walk; if you can not walk, use the stick .. but never, ever stop you "

Like many other studies, they show us the way to a full and healthy life; is a choice and personal responsibility to adopt or not.


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