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Hair loss in women, know the main causes of Premature hair loss

Hair loss in women Top Causes

PC Luis Quiroz Ravines

Hair loss in women does not have a single cause. Different factors converge to originate this problem of aesthetic, psychological and health, especially in women.

One of the most common beliefs is that the daily use of shampoo causes hair loss, but this presumption is refuted by specialists like Jawed Habib who in his book 'Hair Yoga' argues categorically that hair loss is not caused by shampoos. Of the same opinion is Dr. Apoorva Shah, in his book "Have A Great Hair Day," this well-known trichologist says that shampoos do not obstruct the pores that produce sebum and that does not cause hair loss in women.

But both specialists agree that the choice and use of a wrong shampoo in the long term weakens the hair root and can cause hair loss

For women, especially, hair loss is traumatic and can lead to problems of deep depression and isolation. The causes of this hair loss are multiple and then we indicate the most frequent.

10 Top causes of hair loss in women

1. Hair loss in women-Excessive use of hairstyling

hair loss in women

The regular or excessive use of hairdressing tools such as dyes, curling irons, gels, sprays, hot straighteners and chemical products, can mistreat the hair and weaken the root, preventing its growth. According to the trichologist Dr. Apoorva Shah, the use of inappropriate combs, tails of very tight hair, abrupt hair separation, excessive application of dyes can cause hair loss in women.

2-  Hair loss in women-Hormonal changes

hair loss in womenIn women, hormonal changes occur, and especially when androgens or male hormones are secreted, small sacs called cysts form in the ovaries that interfere with normal hair growth and can cause hair loss in women. This hormonal disorder can often promote hair growth in the female body.

3-  Hair loss in women – Acute or chronic medical

hair loss in women
Another cause responsible for hair loss in women is chronic diseases such as diabetes or psoriasis because they alter the blood circulatory system. Less oxygen and fewer nutrients reach the foliar follicles which weaken and eventually die.

Another disease that affects the follicles and the scalp is psoriasis that causes hair loss in amounts higher than the normal average of 60 – 100 hairs per day.

4-  Another frequent cause of hair loss in women is

hair loss in women
Plentiful menstruations or deficiency of folic acid can cause low iron levels and consequently the low production of hemoglobin which results in oxygen deficiency in different organs of the body including hair follicles that for lack of oxygen weaken and become weak and brittle. The consequence, hair loss.

The key to overcoming anemia is to include iron-rich foods such as egg yolk, red meats, liver, chickpeas, raisins, green leafy vegetables and to help iron absorption, consume fruits rich in vitamin C like oranges in your diet. , amla, guava, to promote hemoglobin increase should include foods rich in vitamin B complex

On the other hand, you should avoid foods that block the absorption of iron such as foods rich in calcium and drinks such as coffee, tea, and soda.

Also, anemia is caused by a deficiency of nutrients such as proteins, vitamin E, vitamin B6 and minerals such as copper.

5- Autoimmune disease or thyroid disease

hair loss in women

The hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine secreted by the thyroid are essential for body development. The excess or deficiency of these hormones causes hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism that must be treated in time to avoid major consequences. One consequence of these hormonal imbalances is the loss of hair in women. In an autoimmune disease, antibodies that attack our own tissues and cells between them attack the hair that weakens and falls.

6- Hair loss in women- Menopause

hair loss in women
Menopause causes various changes in a woman's body and one of those changes is hair loss. These hormonal changes occur because the hormonal levels of estrogen are low and in the case of hair it becomes weak, brittle so it is essential to use mild shampoos and appropriate conditioners.

7- Hair loss in women- Protein deficiency

hair loss in women
Keratin is the main protein that builds hair and without keratin, the hair weakens and dies, for this reason, a protein-rich diet is essential to provide enough keratin to the hair.

The main sources of high-quality proteins are the following:

Whey protein
Soy protein
White meats
Red meats
Cottage cheese
Legumes and Cereals


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8- Hair loss in women – Extreme weight loss

hair loss in women
Drastic diets or radical weight programs that cause sudden or very rapid weight loss can negatively affect capillary health, mainly because this type of diet deprives the body of essential nutrients that ultimately affect its strength and health, and hair often begins. fall.

9- Hair loss in women-Medicines

hair loss in women
Hair loss in women also occurs as a side effect of taking medications, especially birth control pills if they are suddenly stopped. Other pills for hormonal treatments can also cause hair loss in women. Similarly, chemotherapy treatments for cancer cases cause hair loss in women, but there are some methods to reduce hair loss.

10- Pregnancies and births

hair loss in women
After a birth, it is common that many women lose hair, but this hair loss in women is temporary and after a few weeks of the child's birth, the hair grows back to a normal stage.

This temporary hair loss originates because during pregnancy the estrogen levels rise in an exaggerated way and these higher peaks of estrogen affect the health of the hair.

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