Found Gene That Opens Hope To Solve Baldness

For PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines.

Hair loss is a health and personal aesthetic problem that affects to millions of men and women in the world who desperately seek a definitive solution. But new studies show more hopes about it.

Scientists from University of Pennsylvania discovered a gene called Wnt, which seems to play an important role in the generation of new hair follicles and in wound healing. Although the first experiments have been performed in mice, this discovery opens new possibilities to solve the problem of baldness and hair loss. The Wnt gene has allowed the creation of new hair cells in mice.

In the experiment, tiny sections of the epidermis of mice were removed and apparently this activity was sufficient to activate stem cells in the area. Wnt gene action was blocked and the production of new hair follicles was boosted.

The team of researchers from Pennsylvania presented their discovery in the journal Nature claiming that from a single gene new hair growth can be promoted. 

Until now it was thought that a lost follicle could be replaced.  Dr. Des Tobin of the University of Bradford says that this finding is evidence of the regenerative capacity of the skin. He reports that on average human head has 100,000 hair follicles and until today it was thought that there were no additional replacement hair follicles during the life period.

According to this new scientific discovery, in particular conditions, from cells of the epidermis, new hair follicles despite its high complexity can be created.

Researchers say this finding opens the door to new treatments for baldness and hair loss and regenerate and heal wounds faster.

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