Hi My name is Luis Quiroz Ravines.
I am a Professor and Peruvian Journalist specializing in Natural Health. As a journalist I have interviewed in television more than 10,000 personalities throughout more than 22 years.

To my almost 70 years of age, I feel healthy and vigorous. I work 10 hours daily, jog 3 – 4 times per week, drink 2 liters of water and my principal values of health are normal: weight, cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, hemoglobin, uric acid, etc, even my prostate antigen (PSA) is optimal, only 0.28 (normal range 0 – 4) and my blood pressure 120/70. Thank God for keeping me healthy.

But it was not always like this, some time ago I was semi invalid for several years, supporting artificially with corticoids every day. My faith in GOD and the nature have recovered my health and I would want other people could benefit from my findings.

At this stage of my life (70 years) my only objective is to help poor children and elders of the village where I was born. “San Juan of Yanac” is a small town located between high mountains, pure air and blue sky. In this beautiful city, my mother Rosario spent her life helping the poorest until the day she died (90 years). (I invite you to know my rural community San Juan of Yanac, in Cajamarca, Peru by clicking HERE.)


I just try to follow her example. In order to reach it, I try to get money through internet. I’m starting from scratch, trying to learn to sell any product that I have created and can be useful to others.

For many years, I was semi-invalid but with God at my side I treated myself of a disease that doctors said it was difficult to treat. My treatment has been simple, natural and almost free. Since then, I have investigated the nature and plants and I have created several natural remedies for different purposes. Those recipes I will give to my subscribers in the near future.